“Well, I’ve been knocked down, blown up, lied to, shit on, and shot at, so nothing suprises me much anymore except the things people do to each other. I’m not a virgin except in my heart. I’m a licensed pilot, everything from Jennies through jets. I’ve taught karate in Tokyo and lectured on economics at Wharton. I can memorize the front page of The New York Times in five minutes and repeat it back to you in five weeks. I can follow anyone anywhere from in front or behind. I can go forty-eight hours without sleep or a drop in efficiency. I can bench-press four hundred and fifty pounds ten times without a break and was national Golden Gloves champion three years in a row. I speak four languages fluently and can wrestle with a menu in five more.”
     “Jesus–” from Cyrus Kinick.
     “–and don’t interrupt me, I wasn’t done, there’s more!”
     “Yeah. I lie a lot.”
Nick Escalante on his qualifications to a client