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Official Microsoft E-Learning makes it easy to take Microsoft online training courses, participate in virtual labs, and test your skills from the home, office, or anywhere you take your computer and have an Internet connection. Available in 25 countries and regions, online courses provide a flexible learning experience for people of all skill levels, from office workers to seasoned IT professionals and developers. To help you master complex material, we include hands-on virtual labs and interactive exercises in most e-learning courses.

Benefits include:

Flexible schedule: Typically, you can access an e-learning course for up to one year after purchase.

Self-pacing: You can open and review a course as many times as you want within a certain time period (usually 12 months). This enables you to take the course several times or review select chapters.

Progress tracking: Gauge your progress, save your learning history, and assess your knowledge before and after training.

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More than 1,000 online courses are available. They range from core training on Microsoft Office Excel to Microsoft certification exam preparation clinics.

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