Courtesy of Susan Hanley

Most SharePoint fail because they are not governed correctly. But there are steps organizations can take to ensure that their implementation of the collaboration program goes smoothly and remains effective, according to Susan Hanley, a SharePoint portal and collaboration consultant in Bethesda, Md. Hanley identifies 10 steps that can help ensure proper governance.

  1. Identify an inclusive governance team.
  2. Start discussions with “framing” decisions about business goals.
  3. Determine your SharePoint deployment model.
  4. Define a clear vision for enterprise collaboration.
  5. Identify the roles and responsibilities of the governance team.
  6. Develop guiding principles for governance.
  7. Decide on your organizational comfort level with social computing.
  8. Define governance policies and standards.
  9. Document the plan.
  10. Promote the use of SharePoint throughout the enterprise.