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Do you know the SharePoint Guru in your company? Are you that SharePoint guy or gal who everyone looks to when they think of SharePoint? Then You are the SharePoint Guru! Don’t worry and hang in there. We know what you go through everyday and we are with you in your journey!
(If you are not that person, but know who it is within your company, please feel free to forward this email onwards)

The SharePoint Guru is usually the person responsible to overlook all SharePoint initiatives within the company. That person is also expected to know *everything* there is to do with SharePoint. A tall order, but that’s usually the inherent expectation. You are the one that colleagues look to when there are issues or they have questions about certain functionality. You are the one that the executives and directors in your company look to when they want to implement that cool dashboard or the automated order processing system or that amazing reporting system they saw at the last conference they attended.

The challenge:
There is only 1 of you and there are only 24 hours in a day. How do you prioritize the expectations to keep everyone satisfied?

Our team at SharePoint-Videos.com has prepared a short and concise SharePoint Guru Survival Guide for the SharePoint Gurus like you and we would like you to have it! Hopefully, this document will help get you started on your journey to tame the SharePoint beast. Good Luck!  Download the SharePoint Guru Survival Guide  Feel free to forward this email to others who can benefit from this information. If you have any feedback, feel free to contact me directly at asif@sharepointelearning.com