Courtesy of Richard Harbridge

Working with Jeremy Thake and Randy Williams we have published a 40 page guide to SharePoint Governance that is now available on AvePoint’s website. The guide is meant to help many organizations trying to get a grasp and understanding on Microsoft SharePoint and is freely available (so no need to buy a book). Be sure to check out the Governance activities outlined within it, and please let us know if you would like to see additional resources or material.

The Whitepaper: SharePoint Governance: A Definitive Guide – Read our white paper to understand best practices and strategies necessary for planning and enforcing governance policies for Microsoft SharePoint.

If you are looking for more SharePoint Governance resources be sure to check out SharePoint Standards at, the SharePoint Governance document listing (update and more samples coming soon), and for a slightly different approach “the 5 teams you need for effective SharePoint Governance”.