Courtesy of THE Richard Harbridge

SharePoint User Adoption IdeasMost SharePoint projects get stuck in a rut from time to time. After the initial high of seeing users flock to SharePoint, trying this feature and that, the inevitable plateau starts to happen. Don’t worry, this happens a lot. Which is precisely the reason why Dux Raymond Sy recommends a sustained approach to user adoption.

If you’ve run out of steam with your SharePoint efforts, here are 26 ideas from Share Conference speaker and Microsoft expert Richard Harbridge to breathe life back into your intranet and get users back on track.

And if these 26 tips are not enough, here are 27 more. You’re welcome!

1. Achievements

Similar to the achievement model used in Xbox gaming players (in this case users in the organisation) unlock achievements by performing various productive actions in SharePoint.

2. Birth announcements

When employees welcome a new family member into their home, make SharePoint more engaging and personal by adding these announcements and any pictures associated for the company to share, comment, and congratulate.

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