I use X1 for SharePoint searches all the time. Killer app.  See below.



Dr. Michael Levitt is a 2013 Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry and a highly regarded Professor of Structural Biology at Stanford University.  The Nobel Committee awarded Dr. Levitt a Nobel in recognition of his research in computational biology, “for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems.”  As a “huge fan” of X1, Dr. Levitt sent an unsolicited email to X1 President and CEO, John Patzakis, to let him know how essential X1 Search 8 was to his daily work, research and professional productivity. “X1 saves me many hours per week. I cannot survive without it.”

The Business Challenge

A computer-savvy scientist who relies on a Macintosh laptop with VMWare virtualization running a Windows OS, Dr. Levitt’s stores 200 gigabytes of critical data, including 40 gigabytes of over 300,000 emails. He needed a tool to help make quick sense of it all without compromising decades of research and important communications with fellow academics.

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