Courtesy of Joelle Farley

Implementing SharePoint into an organization for the first time can be tricky for many reasons. As SharePoint consultants, we often see that the majority of implementation time is spent getting the technical side of things off the ground, and while most companies have learned to organize governance documents and committees to help prepare the business, one thing I still often see neglected is user adoption.

There will never be an adoption plan that fits every organization, as companies are using SharePoint in many ways, but I have included six proven methods below that will at least get the gears turning for what may work in your organization:

• Before the governance committee is even formed, you need to have adoption in mind. When deciding who will be on the committee, make sure all major departments are well represented (yes, even if that means going outside of the senior leadership team).

• Make sure the governance committee understands and can clearly communicate the business objectives for SharePoint back to their respective teams and departments. This is a big part of the awareness phase of adoption, making sure the message to the end users is clear.

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