Courtesy of SharePoint Engine

If you are currently deploying SharePoint or have been using it for some time, user adoption is always one of the most important keys to success and ROI. SharePoint is a very good and useful tool, but if people aren’t using it, or they are seriously under-utilizing it, then SharePoint has less value to the organization.

This article will give you a few simple tips on how to increase user adoption of SharePoint and help all users rely on the application to be more efficient and effective in performing their jobs.

A significant part of any SharePoint deployment plan should involve end-user adoption. User acceptance testing should be carried out early in the process to get feedback and suggestions. If SharePoint is already deployed and testing has occurred, then you should consider doing some ‘grass-roots’ research by going to the users and asking for their opinion of SharePoint and how useful it is in helping them do their jobs.

In a study conducted by NeoChange and SandHill Group, they asked people this question – ‘what is the most important factor for realizing value from an enterprise software application?’ The answers broke down as follows:

1% said software functionality
13% said alignment with company processes
16% said managing organizational change
70% said effective user adoption

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