In a former life I owned a small IT training company, so I am a huge proponent of training. In the world of SharePoint, adoption and training are king. In my experience, this is the number one places project’s fail. You can build the best looking, most powerful SharePoint solution on the planet but if users do not know how to use it, the project will crash and burn. All it takes is one executive secretary to say, “God, SharePoint sucks!” for your project to get a bad rap. (Never mind it was just because she did not know how to check in a document).

I tell my clients that whatever their budget is, slice of 10% for training. Formal training. SharePoint is a culture change and if end-users do not see the big picture, and KNOW HOW TO USE IT- they will give up. There is all sorts of SharePoint training out there, of course- too many to mention and give the credit they are due. But one that I always recommend is SharePoint Videos at

All of us in the SharePoint community know Asif Rehmani from his excellent presentations at all Microsoft SharePoint conferences and events. Asif’s company SharePoint Videos offers several ways to provide training that end users can digest AS THEY NEED IT, which to me is key. A class is great, but what end users really need is training when a specific issue comes up I am working with workflows and need training on that subject- view one of the SharePoint Videos workflow videos- from beginner to advanced. They also offer top notch online classes taught by industry MVP’s.

Their coolest offerings by far, though, is the VisualSP™ SharePoint Help System. It provides comprehensive context based training on the fly based on where the user is in the system. If the end user is in the governance section, it provides governance training. Working with documents- then document library training. And the training can be a combination of videos already produced by SharePoint Videos, YouTube video selections, internally produced videos, documents, etc.  (It is best to go watch a demo to really understand it as I am not doing the tool justice.!prettyPhoto )

Let me stress this is an unsolicited endorsement- I just happen to love the product and think is essential that anyone who is serious about SharePoint adoption at least take a look.