Courtesy of Loren Johnson

Organizations all around the world use SharePoint as a one-stop shop for company collaboration, information and communication. As with any IT investment, the return must justify the expense and effort. However, many companies aren’t getting the return that they could be out of SharePoint, and it is often a static repository rather than a dynamic resource for company employees.

Most companies fail to treat it as a targeted communications solution and, rather than researching, measuring and tailoring the content to their users, SharePoint becomes a conglomerate of information, resulting in a scattered interface with low adoption rates. Imagine walking into a furniture store that also sold corn dogs. Most likely you wouldn’t stick around to check out the wares because it isn’t targeted. However, by setting a few simple goals and then measuring those goals, you can transform your SharePoint investment from RO-why to ROI.

Here are some quick ways to get the most bang for your SharePoint buck:

Define your stakeholders
SharePoint can be overwhelming because it serves many purposes across the organization. First, determine who in your company will benefit the most and why. Targeting the correct users will help them do their job better, which will give you instant ROI. Think about which departments have the most to gain from a collaboration and storage tool that can be accessed by everyone in the company. While your company might have different use cases, the most common departments that benefit the most are human resources, corporate communications and IT.

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