What is the one thing that we can guarantee is going to happen in every business? Change. And when it happens, you want to be in control of how it happens, and how efficiently you can make it happen – in style – while maintaining a level of automation to ensure certain aspects happen consistently. Your SharePoint intranet is your intranet to design and control.


To help, we’re getting ready to release updates to SharePoint hub sites, news, pages, and web parts:

  • Create more SharePoint hub sites – up to 100
  • Adjust sites automatically when they get associated to a SharePoint hub site
  • Modify the color of your site header
  • Spread news from anywhere
  • Page editing improvements
  • New web part layouts

Let’s dive into the details… plus FAQs and links to key, related resources at the end.

Create more SharePoint hub sites – up to 100

You can now create up to 100 SharePoint hub sites.

Before you make everything a hub, consider how your users will best organize and ultimately find people and information. The SharePoint hub site planning guide has a lot of best practices and guidance across structuring your information and logical organizational methods for organizing your sites across your intranet.

100 is the new 50, and we’re eager to know how you plan to use hub sites – more.

Adjust sites automatically when they get associated to a SharePoint hub site

When people in your organization create new SharePoint sites, you often need to ensure a level of consistency. You can use site designs and site scripts to automate provisioning new or existing modern SharePoint sites that use your own custom configurations. And this can be most critical when sites get associated to well-managed SharePoint hub sites.


Site scripting during hub site association – when a site gets associated to a hub site, it not only inherits the theme of the hub site, it can now be further configured using powerful site designs and site scripts to adjust and enforce permissions, apply shared metadata, preferred content management and policies.

Note: the site design, and associated site script, will need to already be published to the tenant. If you don’t wish to reuse this site design in self-service site creation be sure scope it to restrict visibility. You can learn more about site designs scoping here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/declarative-customization/site-design-scoping.

Read more about what capabilities recently became available – site scripts / site designs Summer 2018 update.

Modify the color of your site header

Don’t feel boxed in, especially when you want to express your site’s personality in more ways than one. We’re enabling a new option to modify the color of the site header region to provide more site theming flexibility. This Header emphasis will be based on the currently applied site theme color and can either be a lighter, softer color or a darker, stronger one. The site owner always has the option to set to gray or back to no emphasis. This new option sits within the change the look menu within the upper-right gear icon of a site.

001_Header-emphasis.png You can now apply additional color with Header emphasis when you change the look of your SharePoint site.

Note: this option currently only applies to SharePoint themes and not custom ones.

Spread news from anywhere

When you have news to share, you don’t want to be limited with how you can share news – especially when it exists from an external source. You, also, don’t want to hit that blocker of a page or news article being left in an edit state when the previous author forgot to click publish. SharePoint introduces new ways to distribute external news and editing improvements to keep the push of information flowing.

News links – you can share a link to items like existing news within your company, news from your public website, LinkedIn articles, and so on. Within your site, click New > News link (or from within the News web part), paste in the full URL from the original source and the service will automatically show an image, title, and description for the link when available. Each of these values can be edited by the author. Once you save it, the news article goes into the SharePoint news service as a new News article visible on the site, SharePoint home in Office 365, and the SharePoint mobile apps News tab. When a person clicks on a news link, and they will be taken to the original source to read the article.


002_News-links.png Add a News link into the flow of the rest of your news to easily bring in news and information from external sources.

Pages editing improvements

Be more aware of who is editing a page, and don’t feel locked out. People who go to work on a SharePoint page will be able to see if someone else is already editing that page. They’ll be able to see who that person is and how to contact them. Additionally, to prevent unintentional page lockouts, we’ve added a 5-minute timeout if no changes are made and the page is left open in edit mode.

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