Yes, your documents are safe. Delve never changes any permissions. Only you can see your private documents in Delve.

Also, other people can’t see your private activities, such as what documents you’ve read, what emails you’ve sent and received, or what Skype for Business conversations you’ve been in. Other people can see that you’ve modified a document, but only if they have access to the same document.

Note that documents are not stored in Delve. If you want to change permissions on any of your documents, you can do this from where the documents are stored, such as OneDrive for Business or SharePoint in Office 365. Learn more about Delve.

What you see in Delve is different from what other people see. You can see your private documents and other documents that you have access to. Other people can see their documents and documents that they have access to.

Who can see my documents?

You’re always in control. Only you can see your private documents in Delve, unless you decide to share them. Your private documents are marked with a padlock and the text Private document.

The padlock shows that only you can see the document

You can see who has access to a specific document from within Delve, and you can also share the document with others.

  • Click the three dots in the lower right corner, and then Who can see this?  Read more